International Cousine


NON-STOP EXCITEMENT. HIT A BULL’S EYE HERE. Colourful and vibrant decor. With modern furniture make Half Moon Bay multi cuisine restaurant a lively scene, even at the erratic hours. Enjoy innovative dishes at one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Durgapur. Splashes of colour, modern furnishings and artistic food presentations set the perfect tone. Here’s where iconic dishes on the menu complement a delicious breakfast buffet. People drive miles for this rich, warm chocolate dessert topped with butter scotch ice-cream. The Citi Residenci special Chicken is a must-try. Indulge in the buffet at this restaurant in Durgapur. Whenever you need to eat, The Citi Residenci Restaurant is there with exactly what you need.

Designed for the foodies, busy working professional, our vegetarian, non-vegetarian and continental foods lunches on the go are assured to satisfy the most discriminating palate and the busiest schedule. Enjoy freshly prepared soups, hand tossed noodles and delicious ice cream, complimented by our legendary service at The Citi Residenci.

Our chef special from Bengali cuisine includes the classic Sorshe Ilish (fish in mustard gravy), the not so familiar Mochar Ghonto (banana blossom), the robust mutton curry (Kosha Mangsho) and the delicate Bengali chicken curry (Patla Murgir Jhol) at Pather Panchali .(Typical Bengali Restaurant)

At Hotel The Citi Residenci is not merely about dine and wine. The place promises to be a melting pot of idealisation and creativity. Vibrant, young, attractive, innovative and personalized are the concepts kept in mind while catering to a discerning gourmet at the Aqua Lounge Bar.

At Moash (Family Bar) the menu here has been crafted with care, with signature recipes designed by our team of chefs. You will find the best cuisines for your taste buds to rejuvenate, represented here in full flavour and presented with full delight. Fine dining is an art and you will find a stage here that does justice to your palate..